Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hamptons Love

Years ago I discovered the Sotheby's Real Estate website while doing a search for Hampton's style homes. I know lots (and lots!) of home design lovers out there fell in the love with Hampton's beach houses because of the movie Something's Gotta Give.  I actually had liked this style before that because of my favorite cooking show, The Barefoot Contessa.  After the movie came out, that just reinforced my love of the style.  So, one of my favorite things to do is peruse that Sotheby's Hamptons site.  My design style is a very mixed bag but I really, truly adore the interior design style of those houses in the Hampton's. And if I were forced to pick a single style, that would be it.  I just feel most comfortable in that beachy, clean, airy, bright environment.  As such I have collected many, many, many pics of these spaces and wanted to share them today.  Starting with my favorite room of any house, the kitchen:

Even when the style is spot on for me, maybe a little too modern, etc. I still love the overall effect and feel.

I realize what draws me in most is the simplicity of nearly every home.  I don't know if, because these homes are for sale, they are staged this way, but I can't get enough of the uncluttered, clean, not overly decorated spaces. Like these dining rooms:
And these family rooms, dens and living rooms:
And bedrooms:
(all photos from Sotheby's Real Estate)
These spaces are my absolute inspiration for my own home.  Rooms like these are what say home to me and what I think of and refer to when choosing things for our home.  I just love me some Hampton beach house style.  I will do another post on outdoor spaces since I have a embarrassingly large growing collection of those spaces, too.