Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dallas

Today is my first born son's 11th birthday.

We wish him all the happiness he could hope for.
Since each of my boys' birthdays is a time that reminds me of when they were born, I thought I'd put in writing the story of their birth day.  I don't know if this is true of everyone, but the birth of each of my son's EXACTLY reflects their personalities. This is the story of Dallas:
About 7 months into my pregnancy, this little guy turned into the breech position.  Head up, bottom down.  I remember the night it happened.  The doctor assured me this was common and in almost all cases the baby turns back into proper position.  I had a feeling even then that this baby would not do this.  He didn't.  As is his personality to this day, I just know he thought, "Nope.  Don't like it.  I'm not going head down.  Don't care how most everyone else does it.  Not moving.  NOT doing it."  He is still SO this way.  He does things his way and cannot be convinced otherwise.  He is also incredibly structured and his birth was no exception.  At 9:00 pm on the dot, I began having contractions, five minutes a part.  After one hour they went down to under 3.  I knew we had to go to the hospital.  Because this was my first baby, all the nurses were a little la-de-da about my condition as I'm sure they get many false labors in new moms.  I was checked and dilated to seven.  Seven!  They started to get a little more involved and then my husband told them we had a c-section scheduled because he was breech.  I tell you what, if you've never had an emergency c-section it is like nothing else.  I had one nurse casually checking me one minute and literally the next there were a dozen people in my room, lab techs, ultrasound techs, nurses.  As also is Dallas' way he did not wait until the scheduled date of the c-section.  He decided it was time, so it was TIME. They gave me medication to stop labor to no avail.  I was rushed into surgery without the saddle-block anesthesia fully in effect.  Really.  I was not in pain but I could feel the incision.  This is an incredibly odd sensation and not at all pleasant.  He was born 15 minutes after midnight on January 27, 2000.  I heard his cry and remember thinking, "He's here. I can't believe he's here."  Our lives have never been the same and we never want it to be.  He made a couple into a family and this family would not be complete without him.   We love you. 
A couple of things we love about you:
1. You are an incredibly hard worker.  You try and accomplish things that should be too difficult for someone your age.
2.  You are so self confident.  You don't let anyone talk you into anything.  You like what you like.
3.   You have a big heart.  It bothers you when one of us (especially your brothers) are upset or in trouble.
Happy Birthday son.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Star Wars love

 A few months ago I saw a post on Centsational Girl blog about the re-do of her home office.  I was completely inspired because I work at home as a medical transcriptionist so a really lovely place to work is near and dear to my heart.  It was especially appropriate because I was in the process of moving my work space to our master bedroom.  Previously, I had worked in what is our home office but is used almost entirely by my husband.  We are glad we have an extra room in our home for bill paying, filing and for my husband to work at home when necessary since he is an IT guy and this is crucial.  However, the decor just wasn't me. And it really can't be changed because it has already made it's mark.  See, my husband and three boys are die-hard Star Wars junkies and this room reflects that. To the  utmost. Hence, I was surrounded by this:

I now work here:
A little better, although still very much a work-in-progress, but my views are now this:

This is more my idea of a place to work.  I particularly love the wall decor of my name made by my son.  My husband has one with his name on his side.  We have an armoire  I will refinish that currently houses the TV in this room, that I'll be able to close up and I love that idea.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Healthy meal.

I have subscribed to Cooking Light Magazine for years.  Nearly every issue has delicious, healthy recipes. All of my issues have dog-eared pages of recipes I want to try.  The latest was Pork Tenderloin with Red and Yellow peppers (although I substituted orange peppers for the red.)
This recipe was particularly great because it was in their 20-minute meal section.

 All 3 of my boys loved it.  Even my incredibly picky three-year-old.   Although, he did he keep saying,"This chicken is gweat."  No matter how many times we told him it wasn't chicken. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A resolution.

My #1 resolution for 2011: Simplify.  Easy to say, but specifics are needed to make that a reality.  In regard to my home, that means organizing from top to bottom, declutter and purge, purge, purge.  I have a favorite cabinet in my kitchen.  Here it is:
It's my favorite because, as it stands, it's the only one in my house that look likes this. Yes, I love cookbooks but I have kept only the ones that I love and (more importantly) use. (Note, the beat up Joy of Cooking.) So this will be my inspiration and all others will follow.  They will, they will, they will.


I have been so inspired by the blogs and bloggers out there, that I was moved to begin my own and share what I most love: organizing and making my home beautiful and nearly all things domestic.  My favorite blogs out there have a theme:  Home design/organizing in a beautiful (and often simplistic) way, parenting and cooking. 
Starting at the beginning of the year is perfect for me because I've always been a big New Year's Resolution person.  So, in that vein here goes.  
Oh and to give credit (and thanks) to some of the blogs that have most inspired me, they are:
(Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list.)