Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Well, boy #2 will be turning 10 in March and we realized it'd be a good time to upgrade his sleeping quarters from the tent with a slide bed to something that would last him over the long haul. Great news for us is that this will be last bed we'll have to get him (let's hope.)  So goodbye, little guy bed hello big boy bed.
It also has a good amount of storage, which is great for smaller secondary bedrooms and kids' rooms with an ridiculous amount abundance of toys.
I was initially resistant to getting this bed because my other son has one that is very similar and I thought that was kind of weird

 but my husband reallllly wanted another storage bed and now that I think about it maybe it's just me that's weird.
The room has a long way to go (as evidenced by the paint samples taped to the wall) but at least our biggest purchase (literally and figuratively) is out of the way.