Monday, January 30, 2012


After an a months-long hiatus from my little blog, I'm back up and running. This break was muchhh longer than I thought or ever wanted it to be as I had no decent camera and each time the husband and I were ready to take the plunge on a new first-ever DSLR camera, life would happen and the funds were needed elsewhere. You know, for food and clothing and other irritating necessities of life. And can i just say.... that I love, love, LOVE it.  (That's a lot of love, but it deserves it.)
The good news is not a lot has happened to warrant a blog post, but to get going again I thought I'd post a couple of additions to the 'ol homestead that I adore.
First is my little deal of table.  I'd long admired and pined for this table from Ballard Designs, but even at a somewhat decent price, it just wasn't one of those aforementioned necessities.  Then one day at Kohl's I cruised past the clearance section and found this table from the Elle decor collection for 70%(!) off, which if memory serves was $29.99. Now that I could make happen.  Here she sits right where I imagined:

It's not exactly the same as the Ballard version, but close enough for the pretty price.

My other lovely came to me in an even lovelier way.  I won a Z-Gallerie gift card give-way at Centsational Girl, one of my favorite (and one of the first I'd ever read) blogs.  I truly let out a squeal when I got her email that I'd won.  Z-Gallerie is right up my alley in terms of design.  Although, there are probably no less than 100 things I'd love to have from there, I knew instantly what I'd get with it.  This urn was calling my name the first time I ever saw it, but (again) the price was yelling at me to run away.  I knew that I probably could not (or maybe its 'would' not) bring myself to spend that much on an urn, but with a gift card that I'd WON, I was doing it. 
So, there she sits all white and pretty.  I sometimes even shoot a little wink her way as I walk by.  :)

And there we have it, couple little things that just give me a bit of thrill each time they catch my eye. Oh and also, so glad to be back.