Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nevada Weather

Our home is at an elevation of 5000. This usually means February is a cold, cold month. This year, however, seemed to be a rare treat with last weekend temperatures in the high 60s. We worked in our yard, cleaning out winter debris, cutting back the plants that are cut back in spring and general tidying up.  I was incredibly excited to see our maple and flowering pear trees with tiny buds and my roses with new growth.  My boys even found their first ladybug of the season.
Then yesterday we woke up to this:
That picture above shows what's on the horizon.  Usually you can see all of the Sierra's from our front yard, but that is a storm rolling in.  All of this is, of course, nothing compared to what other areas of the country are experiencing and would not be post-worthy except that this means that all my budding trees, shrubs, bulbs and bushes are now frozen.  Ugh.  Last year, a storm just like this, after a warm period like we just had stunted my rose garden all summer long. But, I've lived here all my life, and I know that is Nevada weather.


  1. I really hope your garden flourishes this year despite the freeze. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment about my room remodel and I look forward to seeing the changes you make to your home.

  2. Hi.

    You have an incredible view to the Sierra's. It's fantastic. All I can see from our front yard is houses, cars and trees.

    RoseSommer recommended a visit her on your blog. It's nice to read blogs from other counties since I live in Norway. And I liked it here.

    Thank U. And pardon my american-english.

    Hugs, Mona C (Norway)

  3. Wow! I am very impressed with were you live! That is one reason why I love blogs so much. You get to see how other people live their lives! There aren't enough lifetimes to experience all of these amazing areas. I am transported by looking at your blog! What amazing views! What fascinates me is how one chooses where to live and why...the story. Thanks for sharing and stopping by to commiserate with me on this tough winter we have been having here in MA. Today is warmer and sunny so I am feeling happier! I hope you enjoy too getting a "little" peek at a life in New England when you visit again...hope you do!~