Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paint Color

I'm linking up with one of my all time favorite blogs, Nesting Place for this post.  She has amazing taste and is currently doing a linky link for paint colors.  I happen to adore her paint colors and may just find myself down at the local Sherwin Williams this week as a result.  I have been looking for the PERFECT tan/beige for my family room and she has re-inspired me to find it.  I'd like it to go with my dining room, below, which is Mercer Blue from the Eddie Bauer line at Lowes:
We plan to add wainscot in this room below a chair rail in white so I'm hoping this will make the rooms brighter.  My living room is the same color because these rooms are on each side of the entry and are open to each other and I thought two different colors would not look right.
Forgive the dark picture.  This was taken in the afternoon and we get sun blazing in that room at that time of day so I had to close the shutters.
I do like this color but would not be opposed to changing it once we find our perfect tan for the family room (which can be seen from the dining room) and add our white trim work. My husband, however, will be seriously opposed to it as he doesn't like to paint as it is and I have made him paint our family room 3 times already.  What a guy.


  1. Hello! Visit from Norway again!
    I wonder if it is OK to borrow the picture you have from your working place. It's so nice. I plan to use it in a post next week. (And I will of course link to you.)

    I like your dining table. Looks like ours :-)
    We also have the same color on our sofa. Good taste, right? Our walls are white almost all over. Almost all "modern" Norwegian homes are white at the moment. The trend is beginning to change, but I like it. And the room gets lighter. We need that, since the winter days are short. And my eye sight is not like it was when I was young(er).
    Please let me know about the picture, if you have time. Have a nice weekend.

  2. hi.
    so beautiful blogg you have,
    have a nice sunday.

    hug from sylvia.

  3. thanks for dropping by and leaving the lovely comment re my chalkboard. i love the color of your dining room and white wainscot will be gorgeous!


  4. That is a lovely shade of blue! And blue is a tough color to get right!