Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Kitchen Organizing

In my mission to simplify things around our home, a big part of that is clearing out unneeded, unused and unwanted items from every room in our home. This week I worked on that in the kitchen. Many of my cabinets and drawers have been a jumbled mess and since I spend so much time there I thought there was no better place to start my purge. This is the cabinet that housed our small appliances.
Before: (I can't believe I'm showing anyone this.)
 I cleared everything out, wiped down the inside and shelves and then put back only things that belonged there and that I used.
Here is the After:
 Not perfect but so much better. Things removed and donated to Goodwill: electric wok (I stir-fry often but my stainless steel saute pan works much better and is easier) and a rice steamer (again my rice turns out just as good on the stove.)  And things relocated: mandoline.
Now, because my mandoline did not belong in the cabinet and it wasn't the ideal place to store it anyway, I moved it to a (more kid-safe) drawer, but that caused that drawer to be cleaned out. 
Here is that drawer before:
I relocated all of these items to the pantry and plan to purchase this from the Container Store for all of it.   

Here is the After:
 Ahh. Much better.  Now I only have about 42 cabinets/drawers to go. But it's a start and honestly now when I open this drawer and cabinet I get a little thrill.  Ridiculous but true.

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